What you MUST KNOW about Texas Windstorm Rules & Your Home!

Homeowners and home buyers need to be aware of certain rules that apply to homes insured with Texas Windstorm Insurance, which if you live in South Texas (and particularly Nueces County) are very important!  Since the late 1980’s certain rules were made that apply to homes to keep them in compliance with Texas Windstorm Insurance.  The fact is, that back in the ’80’s these rules were for the most part not enforced and as far as I know there were no penalties applied for non-compliance.  As a result they were often ignored by many home builders.  It is commonly known that in South Texas if you replace your roof you must get a “windstorm certificate” on the new roof.  Reputable roofers are aware of this and it is normally included in the cost of the roof.

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Does anyone buy homes during the Christmas Season?

Sellers often ask me if they should list their homes during the holidays or wait until after the first of the year.  Good Question!

I do know that homes sell all year long, even right before Christmas.  If you put your home in the “on the market” pool during the holiday season you will be ahead of the crowd waiting for the season to be over.  It’s been my experience that home shoppers looking close to Christmas are generally serious buyers.

Many homebuyers are being transferred by their companies and are in a time crunch; they will be very motivated to find a home and will make the time, holidays or not!

Soon after the new year the home seller crowd will get thicker but fear not, if your home is well taken care of and priced right in the Corpus Christi Real Estate market, it will sell.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions for you about the Corpus Christi and surrounding areas real estate market, I’m at your service.  And MERRY CHRISTMAS!


New Federal Home Loan Rules

Effective October 1, 2015 the Fed has made it more time consuming to close a home loan, more info to come.  This was done in an effort to make things clearer for borrowers but expect delays in closings!  Realtors across the country as well as lenders and title companies are scratching their heads with the new rules but in the next few months will figure out the real world applications.

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